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About Darn

Picture this: A woman with the strategic prowess of a Velociraptor. A perfectly balanced fulcrum of left- and right-brained badassery. An extra-mile, overachiever with an insatiable lust for learning and all things digital.

Ok, enough with the hyperbole. Hello! My name is Danielle (but my friends and family call me Darn). I graduated with degrees in Public Relations and Advertising in 2011 from Rowan University, where I fell in love with strategic communication.

Over the past seven years, my skill set has evolved to include a plethora of darn good digital services, which you can check out here. I’m also currently pursuing a Certificate of Graduate Study in Integrated Marketing Communications & New Media (like I said, that whole ‘insatiable lust for learning’ thing).

My philosophy? I firmly believe that social media is word-of-mouth marketing with a megaphone, and that online conversations are the currency that instill trust and move people from being passive message recipients to loyal brand advocates. I infuse passion into everything I do, and I always strive for more than mediocrity. Every day, I am challenged to figure out innovative ways to cut through the proverbial clutter, create a seamless user experience and connect with people on emerging platforms in such a way that they keep coming back for more.

Of course, I’m not all work and no play. I currently live in Southern New Jersey but explore as much of the world as possible in my free time. I’ve been lucky enough to take what some would call ‘a buttload’ of trips over the last year and a half, and I hope to have ‘globetrotter’ at the top of my resume one day. I also love to cuddle with my two adorable Australian Shepherds (naturally, they have their own Instagram).

I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee/pint of beer/slice of pizza sometime soon and get to know more about your digital marketing needs.

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About The Blog

I am enrolled in the Certificate of Graduate Study for Integrated Marketing Communication & New Media at Rowan University, and I started this blog as part of my current Online PR class. I plan to use this blog as an opportunity to provide commentary on the latest digital marketing industry news and developments, with particular emphasis on social media. I intend to cover general strategy, user experience, best practices, posting content, analytics, customer service and more.

Want me to write about a specific topic? Give me a shout here.

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