Social PR Secrets: A Review

If you’re a practicing communication professional, you already know the importance of staying up-to-date on the latest evolutions in the industry.

I strongly encourage you to purchase Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand’s NewsIn just 30 compact chapters, Buyer validates social media’s impact on public relations. More specifically, she discusses the 61GAeUCgPJL._SY346_.jpgimportance of:

  • The need for PR practitioners to adapt to these changes and approach media relations with a new perspective.
  • Creating and distributing content in a meaningful way, with an emphasis on strong visuals.
  • Measuring success in such a way that it can be translated into insights.

What’s more, she offers additional resources to help practitioners in their quests for success, including a comprehensive Twitter List and a Social PR Terminology Cheat Sheet/Glossary. Compared to the previous versions, Buyer’s third edition contains nine new chapters that delve into PR secrets for Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin; live streaming and podcasts; the role social PR plays in customer service; and so much more.

“If PR people don’t embrace social media, they will be left in the dust. The concept of sucking up to a few major publications and offering exclusives to the one that promises the most coverage is a risky concept. For one thing, the major publications no longer “make”products and services; they often report on products and services that have been made. Trickle down is waning. Bubble up is the new game. Thus, PR and social media are completely different. Where PR is about getting journalists to tell people to buy your product. Social media is about providing value. The goals, rules, and best-practices are not the same.” – Guy Kawasaki, Foreward

Although I learned a lot reading this book, perhaps my favorite lesson came in Chapter 29: NamasteSane, where Buyer offers a list of things to do to create more space in our lives for what we love and also to make us better at what we’re already doing.

Overall, a must-read for anybody at any level in the communication industry, and it’s not a book you’ll set aside to collect dust on a shelf – because you’ll refer back to it time and time again.


Lisa Buyer is a speaker, journalist, and educator on the trending topic of public relations and how it is influenced by social media and search engine optimization. She is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism with more than 20 years experience as a public relations agency owner . Lisa’s experience blends the traditional fundamentals of public relations, corporate communications and branding with today’s influence of digital media.

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